To win in today’s competitive environment requires a deep understanding of your business.

Each member of your organization needs to be empowered to respond with speed, intelligence and confidence to your customers and the changing strategies of your competitors.

Today customer interactions are fueled by instant global communications and universal access to information. The future success of your business depends on truly understanding and being able to respond to each person’s unique requirements.

Aexxis llc builds real software for the real world.

feature products

Customer management from first contact through the entire life-cycle.

OrangeCRM enables your business to attain, retain, analyze and administer all client and vendor relationships.

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Technology for calibration, metrology and the scientific services community.

Abacusware is calibration, and metrology “your virtual toolbox” as you acquire, track, fulfill, service and manage your customers and vendors.

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IssueBreeze is dedicated to the processing of all business tasks, issues, and service requests.

Our software optimizes your support staff's strengths, increasing efficiencies by automating processes.

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